My candle-affair with Scentsy began in October of 2010. A friend of mine had an open house, and as soon as I stepped through the door, I could smell Cranberry Muffins! Come to find, they were wickless candles! At the time I was already a "candle junkie" but I hated the fact that the scent didn't last, the glass rim would char, worrying about if I left a candle on while I wasn't home, not to mention I had to experience a candle that shattered once! After learning the safety factors, the variety of scents, and just how great the warmers looked in my home, I was hooked on Scentsy and couldn't get enough.

I was on the fence about getting into direct sales again, because of my past trial-and-error experiences.. But after attending the Scentsy Spring Sprint in Phoenix Arizona in February 2012, I was able to hear the individual stories of other consultants and I found that Scentsy is so much different! I warm my Scentsy everyday at work, and I always have people coming into my office asking me "What is in here that smells so good??" There's nothing I would love more than to share such an amazing product with everyone else! I am so excited for this journey, and Scentsy has surely been introduced into my life at the right time.

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